DIY: Dry Gloves and Rings

Summer is over, and winter is just around the bend. If you plan on doing any diving, you better have a dry suit. That includes using dry gloves. This web site will show you how to make a pair for very little money.

My wetgloves have been slowly deteriorating, and are no longer keeping my hands as warm as they once were. Since I’m rocking my sweet NeoZ drysuit, I figured why not make some drygloves? Total cost was about $20. I may spend a little more and upgrade my liners, my hands got a little cold tonight, but the were dry!

Read more about making DIY Dry Gloves and Rings


See the comments below for safety warnings.

2 thoughts on “DIY: Dry Gloves and Rings

  1. As I understand this design it sounds quite dangerous to use: The glove is only fixed on the ring by the tension of the vacuum cleaner belt.

    If now you have some air in your gloves at depth it will expand upon the ascent and put pressure on the glove with a risk of popping off (popping off dry gloves have been reported on other designs as well). This would have severe consequences. Not only the thermal insulation of your hand will be gone but your drysuit will be flooded with cold water and your buoyancy might go as well. In the case of a significant deco obligation these factor could well combine to a fatal result.

    Kids, don’t try this at home.

    NB commercial designs always use pairs of rings, one attached to the drysuit, the other to the glove that in combination provide much more reliable mechanical stability against popping off.


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