Come along on a whirlwind video tour of musical devices found at Maker Faire Austin 2008.

There was much goodness to be seen and heard on the Travis County Fairgrounds this past weekend – a ginormous thanks goes out to all the creative minds that made it happen! Keep on with the makin’ and shakin’!

For a better view, be sure to click over to Vimeo for the HD version

4 thoughts on “Music @ Maker Faire Austin ’08

  1. Hey – excellent video and excellent editing!

    I did the 30 minute documentary on Maker Faire Austin 2007 – and I wanted to tell you that I went back – this time with crew – and plan to do a follow up project.

    I’m working with Counter Clockwork Films to possibly get commercial distribution as well.

    I’m still digitizing the video (24 tapes worth, shot in 24p High Def,) but will soon get it edited – I’ve got about 4 tapes done (what can I say, it takes a while, and I have a day job.) But in the meantime, I put together this teaser trailer.

    This year’s project is going to be called: “Makers: Show And Tell For Mad Scientists.”

    — Brian Boyko

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