One of the highlights of the Faire for me was seeing Steve Davee’s work-in-progress Maker’s Notebook hacks. He’s adding a binary page indexing system with a conductive bookmark and LEDs on the cover that tell you where the marker is in the book. He also has plans to solarize the book and to add an Arduino and capacitive touch to the cover to do something (play sounds, maybe).

He says he has trouble following through on projects, so Steve, if you’re reading this: follow through! We’ll send you more Notebooks if you finish this one, document it, and send us the docs. This is just the type of project we were hoping to inspire with the book. We want more of this!

If YOU have a physical computing/electronics hack of your notebook, or any sort of mod, send us pics. We want to see what folks are doing with their notebooks. Also: If you’ve designed a cool project IN your notebook, we’d like to see how people are actually using the book.

In the Maker Shed:

Pick up The Maker’s Notebook ($19.99) for all your big ideas, diagrams, patterns, etc. Exclusive to the Maker Shed: Sticker sheets and a band closure to customize your book.