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Halloween LEGO minifig contest
halloween minifig contest.jpg

Fine Clonier is hosting a Haunted Halloween Custom LEGO Minifig Contest – there’s still time to enter! Here are a few of the rules – complete information is here. (I hope somebody comes up with a scary princess)

What is the contest,” you ask. Well it is simply building a Custom Scary Halloween figure out of official LEGO or custom elements. LEGO has been helping us out with scary pumpkin heads, goblins, ghosts, and even trolls, so you might not even need custom elements. Just play mix and match.

“There has to be a catch,” you say, well not this time, anyone from any country can enter. And now for the best part, the prize is TBA


1. Figure constructed must be scary. No princesses. Clowns yes, they scare the hell out of plenty of kids, but I have yet to meet a scary princess.

2. Figure must be constructed from “OFFICAL” LEGO or custom elements. Decals, cut up parts, whatever it all flies here.

3. Contest is open to ANY and ALL, WORLDWIDE, so spread the word. The only ineligible person is ME, Kaminoan.

4. You are allowed to submit as many FIGURES as you like, only limit is ONE ENTRY PER POST. If you have multiple entries you must make multiple posts.