Beardyman demonstrates what’s possible using today’s delay/looping gear and little else – all in one take. [via Synthtopia]

8 thoughts on “One-man looping band

  1. Go see Andrew Bird play live to see a real master of looping. He’s an indie rock maestro with a guitar violin and excellent voice, and his songs are great. Check him out on myspace, then go see a show you won’t be disappointed.

  2. you want to see a true master of looping, go see Keller Williams. He is a master guitar player, and plays every other instrument in his “band” including beat box, mouth trumpet, bass, keyboard, and a myriad of percussion instruments. a truly wild show if you ever get to see him.

  3. There was a band called Supercollider (not to be confused with, and came before, Super_Collider) that was a drummer and guitarist that used live looping on stage and on their albums. They were on Emigre when they were putting out albums in the early 90s. Really amazing minimalist music.

  4. Beardyman’s excellent, from my home town, Brighton, UK. Seen him a few times, he’s not just a clever beatboxer, he puts on a great bit of comedy too.

    Never seen him use loops like this before though.

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