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How To Grow Flowers In Iraq

And you thought your gardening conditions were unfriendly? This guy has successfully created raised beds to grow a garden in Iraq.


I particularly like the wick design: the buried bottles have parachute cord running to holes poked in the sides. Filled with water, they slowly feed moisture into the soil throughout the day.

14 thoughts on “How To Grow Flowers In Iraq

  1. i’m getting it anough everyday and everywhere else, this was supposed to be the fun part of my day, thanks for ruining that.

  2. This is not about politics..It is about a soldier that found a way to bring a little peice of home to a desert. A place where they usually spend time running for their lives and listening to warning sirens, covering their eyes from sandstorms and wondering if every passing person is wearing a damn chest bomb. Give a little applause for the simple beauty this soldier brought into the lives of many. Think you have it rough and no breaks from the mundane insanity of life? Try living in that country 24 hours a day and a simple planter box would seem like a candidate for a prize to you too!

  3. gang, this isn’t a political blog so this is the only warning before i start removing some of the comments and editing out others. if you have a problem or comment please email me directly.

  4. I must have missed something, I don’t see where it says a soldier or who ever grew the flowers!

    I have been curious about ‘growing conditions’ there, and wondered what it would take for trees, veggies etc to grow there. Is it possible to create enough shade until trees can create there own? Is the water supply to short to invest it into this type of experiment?

    PS We all have our opinion………think about it, we can’t all be right! We are under informed!

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