In-guitar effects kits


These in-guitar effects kits look interesting –

The MODboard concept is simple- Take the best vintage style analog guitar effects, miniaturize them, and mount them on a completely modular circuit board. Add the right output jack, knob setup and switching setup to accomodate your guitar, and you’re ready to roll. A few simple solder connections for input and power, then everything plugs in with instantly removable modular connectors.

Offered in tremolo, wah, compressor, delay, chorus, and tube distortion flavors. While the “best vintage style” description is of course very subjective, the concept seems sound[npi]. Glancing down toward ones feet during a dimly lit gig is never fun – moving at least your most important effect’s controls onto the instrument body sounds like a smart idea. Any music-makers out there ever used these? Or have any good tips for mounting your own effects ‘in-instrument’? – MODboards

Of course, one could always just duct tape a pedal to their axe a la DEVO –


16 thoughts on “In-guitar effects kits

  1. I’m loving all the music posts lately; keep it up. Now if you guys would just include more outdoors gear, I’d be set!

  2. Bo Diddley had a guitar with built in effect(s) quite a while ago. but it had a lot of body wood removed. On his site there’s also a picture of a drum machine grafted onto a Stratocaster guitar.

  3. Bo Diddley had a guitar with built in effect(s) quite a long time ago added by hollowing out a body cavity. His site shows a picture of a drum machine grafted onto a Strat.

  4. @TX – Thanks, we’ll keep up the music posts, and keep an eye out for outdoors stuff as well!

    @Chris – good to hear. I’m thinking these could be great for beginners who want to make their own pedals before learning soldering, etc.

  5. Late 1970s Electra MPC guitar (you can find them on eBay) used moduals that plugged directly into the back of the guitar in a little alcove. Controls on the front allowed for use of the internal components.

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