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This video shows how to build your own USB powered fan to cool your laptop or other over-heating piece of electronics. This is especially useful for those of you with the lemon Macbooks with the faulty heatsinks that constantly overheat.

4 thoughts on “Use any old computer fan to cool your laptop

  1. Well, it’ll work, but really not as well as fan could do, the fan normally taking 12v and the USB connection only supplying 5v. I think firewire has a 12v line in it, but of course firewire is much rarer.

  2. Besides the fact that it’s 5v instead of 12, since that’s what the fan wants. A fan like that needs 1A, and usb can only provide 500mA(if negotiated, if not then 100mA); so by using this you’ll probably burn a mobo

  3. Hey, I have some terrible noises coming from my laptop fan, especially when it s getting hot, I believe that the heat provoke the noises, they suggested me to open it and clean it inside, I did, the noise became less violent and not current like before, but it’s still there from time to time I hear it,

    Should I change the fan of my laptop by a new one (may be the engine inside the fan is getting tired ?) here is a picture of my fan : when I opened it there were a lot of dust.

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