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CAPS LOCK trainer key


In response to International Caps Lock Day last week, Sean Ragan made this caps lock trainer key:

DOES SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAVE A SHOUTING PROBLEM? IF SO THEN THIS HANDY TRAINER KEY MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT. A standard 101-pattern caps lock key has had its lettering removed by wiping with a paper towel soaked in acetone, and has been augmented with two fourteen-gauge 10mm lebret spikes from the body jeweler’s, which are threaded into appropriately sized holes drilled in the key with a pin vise, and then secured with epoxy. You only have to hit it once to be cured of using the caps lock key forever.

14 thoughts on “CAPS LOCK trainer key

  1. Since I never actually have any use for ‘caps lock’, I have remapped it to act as the right control key.
    It’s way less straining on my fingers to reach for the ctrl as it is on the caps lock, than down in the left corner.

    On windows you can use a little util called Filter Keys.
    And on linux… well, Google it.

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