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WiFi radio project

Over at the MightyOhm, Jeff has been working on building a streaming WiFi radio system (built around a Asus WL-520GU router):

I have been wanting to build a streaming radio for some time. I frequently work in my garage, where I occasionally use my Macbook to play music through a small amplifier and bookshelf speakers. The problem is that my laptop is not always set up in the garage, and greasy fingers are not a good thing to have around a white laptop, period. I could simply buy an internet radio, but I couldn’t stomach the $150-$300 price tag on most players for such a luxury.

So I decided to build one instead.

I started the design process by drafting an outline of desired features, and then breaking them down into wants and needs, while trying to keep the project scope under control.

Here’s Part 1 of the project.
And Part 2.

2 thoughts on “WiFi radio project

  1. chuck says:

    Well, there is always the Apple Airport Express. A used 802.11g is like ~ $50. Though building your own could be fun too.

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