Here’s a brief yet interesting video excerpt where TV icon Mr. Rogers meets with electronic musician/composer Bruce Haack and becomes captivated by a photo-sensitive synth-box. Fred Rogers displays that child-like fascination very well – a feeling many of us still experience while creating interactive devices today.
[via Synthtopia]

10 thoughts on “Mr. Rogers, circuit bender?

  1. Ken says:

    That may be the most awesome thing ever… I can stop looking at the Internet now.

  2. herzleid says:

    In case anyone wonders about the subtitles: The clip is from a Swedish tv-show. ;D

  3. gear head says:

    Oh, he was a bender all right.

  4. foo_now says:

    This is Bruce Haack. He really could be one of the first circuit-benders. He also built his own instruments.

  5. Pekar says:

    Don’t miss the Bruce Haack documentary-
    Haack: The King of Techno

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