Make Pt1134
A follow up our previous post (now with PDF & another)… Pete writes –

The FCC is deregulating “white-spaces”, which are the unused bits of the TV spectrum. This is important to us Makers, since RF circuits for the TV spectrum are easy to find and modify for cheap (just tear apart an old TV, VCR, or cable modulator for transmitters or receivers), and amplifiers for this band are also cheap and easy to find and make. I’ll hopefully be able to post a tutorial soon on extracting and modifying RF circuits for this band.

Full FCC OET report on some WSDs (WhiteSpace Devices) that are already coming out of some of the larger companies. Still no word on power limitations or specific frequencies. In the mean time, if you want to get started in RF, head on over to and get your Amateur Radio License! It’s a great way to get started.
73 de KC2BJT.

Stay tuned to MAKE, we’ll building a lot of new projects around this and covering it all throughly – it’s just like when makers starting hacking around with Wi-Fi!