(Note: CNN’s video service seems to be up and down at the moment from embedding, if the video does not play visit their site… )

Congrats to Renga Arts in Occidental, CA on some great coverage on CNN, go Joe and Sherry! Sherry heads up our Maker Faire efforts and Joe has been working with us to on a lot of the behind the scenes database work too!

Renga Arts produces and sells functional art made of reclaimed, salvaged, and recycled materials. What do we mean by “functional art?” We’ll be the first to acknowledge the functional value of most decorative arts, such as painting, photography, and sculpture. But we strive to offer creatively inspired objects of everyday utility. Needless to say, a wealth of items fit into this category — birdhouses, furniture, bowls, jewelry, and garden accessories are just a few examples. We represent a growing number of talented and inspired artists and vendors, both local and international, that create clever handmade products for you and your home.