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Urban objects morph into the surrounding scenery

These urban camoflauge sculptures by LA-based artist John Callaghan are brilliant ways to hide the typically undesirable city objects such as utility boxes and power sources. Check out all of the photos of these projects and more at the link below.

Joshua Callaghan via Today and Tomorrow

8 thoughts on “Urban objects morph into the surrounding scenery

  1. To bad he took the photo from the point of view of the utility box, and not the point of view of pedestrians. The alignment is horrible!

  2. let see how long until someone sues him after bumping into one of those camouflaged boxes, that’s not art, is nonsense.

  3. Is that what’s wrong with the picture? I love this artistic technique, but the picture just looked horrible.

    It’s too bad when good art gets screwed up by bad photography.

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