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Sew sound waves onto your clothes

The “Visible Sound” project attempts to create a physical version of the sound around it by sewing sound waves in realtime. Although this was just a concept, we like ways of making invisible objects like sound waves into tangible forms.

visible Sound

8 thoughts on “Sew sound waves onto your clothes

  1. If they sew sound waves in real time, I’d be impressed.

    But, there’s no way on earth they’re sewing sound waves in real time.

  2. “Due to limitations in my computer programming skills this model of a stereo/sewing machine is a prototype of how I imagined the actual product would look.”

  3. Here’s a cool idea, what if this was real, and then you could devise a way to play it back?

    I could imagine a cell-phone application that could take a picture of the sound wave, and convert it to and actual sound.

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