Assembly of the Gakken Mini-Theremin kit @ warp-speed – complete with error correction!


6 thoughts on “Build: Mini-Theremin in under a minute

  1. Hey, does anyone know if this is a two antenna theramin? or only a single antenna one?

    I assumed that black protrusion on the side was the second antenna, but the end of the video made it look like he was playing with just the single antenna.

  2. @Anon – i unpublished your comment – we’re ok with criticism, it helps us get better – but you’ll need to be more constructive. if you’d like – feel free to email me and we can discuss it, i can certainly be convinced to re-publish it.

    the make site has videos with our kits, events and magazines – it’s the *make* site – our own content like this video is about less than 1% of the total posts here.

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