Margot Potter (a.k.a The Impatient Crafter) has just started posting a series of Crafty Quickies How To Videos on her blog. At just 1-2 minutes per video, she’s honing in on specific how-tos for techniques that – though they may frequently be used – are often done incorrectly and can have a big impact on the rest of your project. She’s started off with How to Open and Close a Jump Ring, How to Make Looped Top Dangle, and How to Make a Coil Top Dangle.

2 thoughts on “Crafty Quickies How To Videos From The Impatient Crafter

  1. Rachel
    Thank you so very much for the Linky Love! We’ll be posting more of these videos this week and plan to make it a regular feature of our YouTube channel and the blog.
    We’ll post a link back to you in next Saturday’s TastyLinks. Craft on with your bad self!

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