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Binary birthday wishes

Windell of Evil Mad Scientist Labs is this many, expressed in a binary candle. He shows you how to make your own. Do you know how old he is?

(BTW: I don’t think today is really his birthday, but let’s play along. He *is* 0100010.)

Binary Birthday

14 thoughts on “Binary birthday wishes

  1. 34, but it helps when your age is a binary palindrome!
    Which end is the LSBit?

    And I just realized, I’m palidromic, too.
    I think I’m the youngest one can be, with only two zeros.

  2. I think it’s Big-endian. This is definitely the cutest informatic cake I’ve ever seen:)
    Hi Dave, I’m as old as you are:-D

  3. zabacorporation wrote:
    Hi Dave, I’m as old as you are:-D

    No, you’re as *young* as I am!
    And we can be palindromic again in only 3 years, the smallest gap…

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