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The premiere Make: television is 8 weeks away. Here’s a snippet of what you’ll see in one of the shows — John Park transforming a shopping cart into a stylish easy chair, and then into a go kart!

View the clip above, get the M4V and/or subscribe in iTunes.

Make: television will premiere on Public Television stations and here on in January.

Each station programs slightly different schedules, call your Public Television station and ask for “Viewer Services” — they’ll tell you when it will be on.

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4 thoughts on “Shopping Kart on MAKE: television

  1. Eugene says:

    All I know is I want those plans. Now!

  2. MakeTelevision says:

    As for plans, we’ll have detailed PDFs on our website makezine(dot)tv when the series begins airing in January. For now, check out Tim Anderson’s plans on Instructables. Search for “Shopping Cart Chair”

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