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The Strobovj musically synched stroboscope

Gijs Gieskes’ experiements with sound and light continue with the animated Strobovj synched to Gameboy LSDJ sequencer clock signal. Features include –

  • The left knob sets the speed for the rotating plate.
  • The strobe frequency, and the bike lamps light are set in sequence, recorded with the knob with the two push buttons below it.
  • The cameras pan tilt servos, can be recorded in sequence, with the two knobs and the toggle switch below them.
  • The next toggle switch sets the sequencer to 3/4 or 4/4.
  • And the next toggle switch sets the sequencer to 32 or 64 or 128 steps if 4/4 is selected. Or 24 or 48 or 96 if 3/4 is selected.

Very cool – the animated camera is an unusual and welcome feature. Peter Kirn explains more over @ CDM – Stroboscope Creation Animates Sequences