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Solar lantern stays on 24/7

The “Solar Paper Latern” is made from 36 miniature solar panels with each connected up to an electroluminescent diode. The resulting light can remain on indefinitely, as long as the panels are near a spot of strong sun exposure.

Solar Paper Lantern by Damien 0’Sullivan @ Saint Etienne Design Triennial

14 thoughts on “Solar lantern stays on 24/7

  1. Perhaps the summary should reflect that. I didn’t read the article strictly because the description here on Make didn’t make any sense.

  2. How would you expect it to stay on all night if it didn’t have a battery? Any solar device would power off immediately if it didn’t charge an internal battery or bank of capacitors.

    This isn’t a horrible idea. Put it outside during the day to collect light, then pick it up and bring it inside or put it on your table while enjoying the evening for some extra light. Use it as a lantern should be used and don’t trip on things in the darkness. =)

  3. As a concept, this gets high marks from me. A cool device, attrative, using solar in a new way. Put it in the windowsill during the day, and move it to your nightstand at night.

    But, like the Velveteen Rabbit, this lampion is not real. Its a nice little prototype, and was even exhibited in the MoMA’s exhibition: Design and the Elastic Mind. But it doesn’t work.

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