Check out the Handmade Holiday Craft Fair this Sunday at Third Ward in Brooklyn, NYC:

How exactly is the Handmade Holiday Craft Fair that we’re putting on with the fantastic folks at the Third Ward the epitome of awesomeness? In what ways does it embody all the magic and wonder of the holiday spirit, you ask? Well, it’s shopping AND a party. A chance to buy gifts to buy AND receive plenty of free goodies yourself. And an opportunity to donate canned goods to the Food Bank of Newfair wares York and feel all generous. You’ll support local artists and crafters — and if there’s a place to invest your hard-earned dollars these days, it’s back into Brooklyn. Also, with just over 50 vendors and a huge space, this fair is more intimate, fun and focused and less overwhelming than some others we can think of. Get all your Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop, or just for snacks and the opportunity to take some festive photos in the costume photobooth by Deluxa.

Handmade Holiday Craft Fair

Sunday, December 7 2008, 12-7pm

Third Ward, 195 Morgan Ave. Brooklyn