Embroidery and yoga…two relaxing hobbies I absolutely love. If only I could jet over to New York City to take part in this fun workshop from Sublime Stitching and OM Yoga! Here’s the scoop:

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, “to unite,” but yoga is only one way to unite. Sewing circles too, have assembled and bound together like-minded types for decades, providing a safe haven for individuals to relax and stretch their creative minds, body, and spirit.
You are invited to join renowned embroidery virtuoso, Jenny Hart, along with the great Cyndi Lee in a exciting collaboration of an evening of embroidery and yoga. No previous needlework experience is necessary and all materials will be provided. You will leave doubly refreshed, and with an embroidered tea towel to remember your experience by.
Join Cyndi and Jenny for 1 hour of OM yoga followed by 2 hours of Embroidery led by Jenny Hart, founder of the fabulous Sublime Stitching. Plus, save 15% if you sign up by Wednesday 12/10!

OM Yoga Center
826 Broadway 6th fl
NY NY 10003
CALL 212.254.9642 to sign up
Saturday 12/12 6-9pm
You may also be interested to know that Sublime Stitching is offering a special new limited edition “Sparkle Pack” of metallic embroidery floss in holiday colors. Get ’em while they’re hot!