Members of Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor Area Robotics Club sorting parts for their motor controller

A Maker-centric event, particularly robot-filled this month, in Ann Arbor, Michigan:

The next GO-Tech meeting is this Tuesday, December 9, at a new earlier time, 7 pm.

GO Tech (formerly NotBAGO) is a meeting for Ann Arbor (MI) area readers of Make Magazine, Circuit Cellar, Home Shop Machinist, Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools, slashdot, etc. That is, people who are interested in and make things using technology, whether that’s a metal-cutting lathe or a Python script. A kind of generalized mixture of CerealBar, DorkBot, Oxford Geek night, and Portland Machinist Guild. We have machinists, electrical engineers, software folks, industrial control types, and so on. We share projects, information about tools and ideas, and connect with like-minded people. Everyone is welcome. We’ve been meeting since 7/07.

After introductions, we have 5 minute presentations by anyone who wants to talk. Available are wi-fi, video projector (VGA or video input), Mac laptop, extension cords, and copier.

This will be a joint meeting with YAAARC, the Ypsilanti Ann Arbor Area Robotics Club ( So the obvious theme is … robotics!

We’ll be in our new location, A2 MechShop, which is located at 240 Parkland Plaza, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. For more directions and to sign up for GO-Tech emails, see

We’re all still moving in and getting settled at A2 MechShop, but as before we’ll have plenty of space for meeting and even indoor space for demonstrating robots, etc.

This is our 17th consecutive meeting since the first in August 2007.