This “Magnetic Levitation Light Bulb” uses wireless energy transfer to power the floating bulb.The bulb is connected in parallel with a 100nF capacitor and copper wire coil and draws about 0.5 amps of current from the circuit below it. Check out the link below for the details on this interesting hack.

via Hacked Gadgets

10 thoughts on “Lightbulb floats in midair and lights up

  1. it’s a shame that the modern day youtuber doesn’t know anything about aspect ratio or how to focus a camera. lack of basic video abilities when posting a video to a video site kinda taints the whole thing with a foggy covering of ignorance, and despite the neat stuff on youtube i’ll never really remember any of it because these people won’t take 5 minutes to learn how to make a decent video.

  2. Are you kidding? Are you blind in some way or another?
    Didnt you see?

    I didnt even notice the foggy image because there was a friggin lightbulb levitating, without an apparent superchilled electromagnet, which I thought was needed to accurately make some thing hover. I mean it looks pretty cost effective. Who are these dudes? Ill pay for the camera if they give me just 1% ownership or somethin..

    If you do however have some revealing evidence that its a hoax, please tell me. but just ignoring the potentials because of bad video..

  3. Oh, that’s pretty awesome. LED Hoverthrowies, anyone?

    OHNOES MEDIOCRE CINEMATOGRAPHY ON A LOW-RESOLUTION VIDEO HOSTING SITE WHATEVER WILL WE Dyeah I don’t really care because the content is excellent. LED hoverthrowies, anyone?

  4. i want to apologise to Naikrovek for the crappy res. I now realize how bad it really is. I messed it up while reencoding it with ffmpeg i guess. But the second movie is better(should i swap them?).

    To the rest of you; Thank you for all the comments.(and MAKE for posting this on their site). If any of you think its a hoax, or want a more detailled expanation, ill be happy to give it to you.



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