Bre Pettis writes:

Edith Kollath is a friend of mine who is at the crossroads of art and microcontroller technology. She made the most beautiful books that breathe.

Besides being beautiful objects, this show is also about the TSA. On a trip home to show the books in Germany, the TSA detained her and took the books from her. The story is bizarre and strange and reflects the very weird times we live in today.

Edith is showing the books until December 14th in the damstuhltrager gallery and if you’re in NYC, go see the show and if you collect contemporary art or are just as stunned as I am by their breathing, buy them. (you’ll have the most wonderful breathing bookshelves.)

From the Maker Shed:



LilyPad Pro Kit

Think of this kit as an ‘add-on’ to the LilyPad E-Sewing Kit. The LilyPad Pro Kit gives you the full flexibility and power of the LilyPad system. Program the LilyPad main board to respond to physical changes in light, sound, or motion. Create displays of light, sound, and get physical feedback using the various LilyPad periphery boards.


  • LilyPad Mainboard
  • LilyPad Power Supply
  • LilyPad USB Link
  • Mini USB Cable