Simple, commonplace and absolutely vital to our electronic world – take a closer look at the current-fighting backbone of circuitry, the resistor!

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The resistor really is a deep and rich topic to explore. There were a number of topics I would’ve liked to cover in this video, but unfortunately there’s only so much time – here’s a few items that sadly, didn’t make the final cut –

  • DIY ribbon controller
  • How to read resistor values, in depth
  • How a potentiometer works, and it’s variants
  • How to use/apply Ohm’s law
  • The Drawdio kit/project
  • dissection of a resistor
  • how to use a light-dependent resistor

I’m curious – what would you have included? Anyone care to post their own additions/corrections/reactions/contemplations/etc in video-form? If so please send us a link!

16 thoughts on “MAKE presents: The Resistor

  1. Sorry to be responding in a non video based format, but I loved it.

    My only sadness is there was no circa 1980’s science film animations of electrons being resisted.

  2. no apology necessary, text is also gladly accepted

    funny, I had considered such animations. I will boost science-film priority for the next production.

  3. Would have been nice if you’d cut one open to see what they are like inside.

    Kind of reminds me of ‘Look Around You’ which is an awesome satire of those 70/80’s science programs.

  4. I love this video. I am just starting out to learn electricity through hobbyist model kits and I know absolutely nothing about electrical stuff. I was just looking at the resistors in the kits I bought today, and wondering what they were, because they are so colourful. Thank you very much for putting the video together. =)

  5. I particularly like the improvised constructions in your videos. Like making a LED with a pin and “rock” and this time, a resistor from paper and pencil. Good job!

  6. How about showing what happens when you leave the resistor out of the circuit with the LED?

    I would agree with opening some resistors up and having more animations.


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