100 classic books are coming to the Nintendo DS on December 26 in the UK, with support for downloadable books. The DS could make a nice ebook reader if it’s done right:

Turn your Nintendo DS into a pocket-sized library with 100 timeless novels from some of the greatest writers in history. Enjoy the exciting escapades of the swashbuckling Long John Silver in “Treasure Island”, marvel at the redoubtable skills of the most famous detective of all time in “the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, or run the course of true love with Elizabeth Bennet in “Pride and Prejudice” – the choice is yours!

100 Classic Book Collection [via Slashdot] VideoGamer.com has the complete title list.

The open-source dslibris looks interesting as well; it’s homebrew, so you’d need to load it on an appropriate storage device.

The DS would make an interesting platform for presenting all the various media we have here at Make–videos, books, magazine articles could come together in a touch-friendly way. If anyone from Nintendo (or hey, anyone from the homebrew community) is reading this, get in touch (no pun intended, I swear!).