What do you do if the Wii Fit games aren’t intense enough for you? You build your own exercise gaming system, of course:

wondered about a way to get fitter, work out without having to go running outside (although that is very healthy). I didn’t think the Wii balance board would do the trick, as the Wii games where reported not to be very intense, and the board itself is to hard for running on it. So what is different about the Swiiboard is that can absorb running effort, measure the effort and perhaps that it can use those measurements to control a virtual environment. It turned out this can be achieved using a Wiimote controller.

The controller is a simple setup: a wooden plank spans two chunks of mattress foam, and a Wiimote is zip-tied to the center. The accelerometer in the Wiimote can be used to measure your jogging pace, as well as the left to right tilt on the board, giving you all the control you need to move an avatar around a 3D world.

The Swiitboard (Footwii/Pedal navigation device)