full moon.jpg

If you live somewhere that will have clear skies tonight, look up; NASA says the full moon will be the biggest of the year. The moon will become full just 4 hours after reaching perigee (when its orbit brings it closest to the Earth), and will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons in 2008.

The best time to look is when the Moon is near the horizon. That is when illusion mixes with reality to produce a truly stunning view. For reasons not fully understood by astronomers or psychologists, low-hanging Moons look unnaturally large when they beam through trees, buildings and other foreground objects. On Friday, why not let the “Moon illusion” amplify a full Moon that’s extra-big to begin with? The swollen orb rising in the east at sunset may seem so nearby, you can almost reach out and touch it.