Today’s mod pic is the animated Hulk PC mod that advertises Maximum PC. Instead of being a modded case, it’s more like the guts of a computer that got caught in an action sequence. Most of the pictures of construction are embedded in a Flash, so it’s hard to use them here, but I’ll still talk about what’s so cool in this project after the break.

You can see pics of this mod *literally* in action by clicking here.

For starters it’s pretty awesome that this mod doesn’t even really consist of a PC case, although the hard drive and DVD drive are contained in the base. Some might say this would collect a lot of dust but hey, a PC case does anyways, and this is a lot easier to dust off! Plus it’s open-air so should run cooler.

They de-manufactured a couple of Hulk action figures and motorized the arms so he could wave the motherboard around – genius! HULK CRASH! Instead of having the power supply be some sort of separate afterthought-looking thing (like many of my creations, unfortunately) it’s right out there in the action, with the Hulk standing on it.

In the rear is a rooftop-style vent that is connected to a fan and is used to cool the hard drive and DVD drive. The turbine vent even rotates – awesome. Again it’s great that this mod is set up almost more as a movie scene or model than a PC mod – very creative!

As a final touch there are several light sources on this mod which give it a very cinematic / dramatic feel.

For the aspiring modder, a project like this should be a great inspiration to quite literally “think outside the box”. Color, modeling and detailing is very important for a project like this, so a good art aesthetic and model-building skills are handy.

You might want to try building a mod that involves other old classic toys, Transformers would be a good choice, or anything that looks robotic/computer-like. Also popular to do is putting modern PC inside old computer cases. As with this person, take something that you like or is inspiring and PC the heck out of it!

-Ben Heckendorn