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Mario room will make you want to be a kid again

“Landscape” by Antoinette J. Citizen is a mockup of the world of Super Mario where the “mystery” boxes even make the “cha-ching” sound when you press a momentary switch underneath them. Pretty fun idea that most little kids today would say is too “low-rez”, but would make grown-up kids giggle with nostalgia.

Antoinette J Citizen via DVICE

12 thoughts on “Mario room will make you want to be a kid again

  1. wow! yes! that is inexplicably awesome. it brings back memories and emotions of past times indirectly associated but concurrent with the times spent in the super mario world. it’s like when i listen to a pink floyd album, or smell fresh baked cookies. i must do this in my bedroom!

  2. I see the clouds up where I would expect the ceiling to be but then there’s the vine going up from there and you can see the shadow of the corner going off the frame.

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