felted bag close up
After my success with my first felting project, I decided to take on the Knit-to-Felt Sushi Wallet Kit by Pick Up Sticks. The kit is a really easy weekend project. The only challenge I had is that I don’t have a washing machine, so the project required a visit to my parents.
finished sushi bag
The finished wallet is more like a little pouch good for carrying a cellphone and keys. After it is felted, it is very sturdy.

sushi wallet kit
I mostly wanted to make the wallet because the kit is so cute. It includes all of the yarn you need, a zipper, and instructions to make 3 variations of the sushi design. I chose sushi max, but there is also striped and sushi mini. The instructions are very easy to follow and you will have lots of yarn left over to customize your sushi embellishments.
In the Maker Shed:

Knit-to-Felt Sushi Wallet Kits are available in the Maker Shed.