I love making food gifts for friends around the holidays; it’s the perfect answer for people who are hard to shop for, it’s fun, it’s inexpensive, and you get to lick the bowl! Here are a few recipes that caught my eye as I was trying to decide what to make this year, but check out the CRAFT blog archives in the past few weeks for more foodie thoughts (like those tasty-looking candied orange peels). You can also look at the Edible Giftable guide I wrote up last year.

If candy canes are good, wouldn’t homemade candy canes be even better?? Try it and see! (You’ll need a friend for the pulling of the candy, but surely that’s part of the fun.)

In case you don’t like your teeth (or you love your dentist), toffee is totally the way to go. I like Elsie Marley’s toffee recipe since she and I must be kindred spirits. I am addicted to toffee!

My family makes cookies for our neighbors every year, and I must admit that they look like they were still done by little kids. These gorgeous Christmas cookies on Design*Sponge from Caroline Swift really take things to the next level (there’s also a recipe for winter cherry brownies and champagne sorbet, so don’t miss this one)!

I’m putting lemon curd on this list because it’s the edible gift I want to receive! I absolutely love lemon curd but never make it myself. Maybe it’s time to start…

If you’re just not a baker, maybe this is the edible giftable for you! This candy garland from Whip Up is a great way to use up some pretty yarn scraps and add some flair to your holiday decorations or presents.
Happy holidays, everyone!