Build your own Burrito Blaster

We hope this series inspires people all over the country to tinker, build, repair, or invent. To help make that happen, Make: television is happy to provide DVDs for those willing to screen episodes in a meet up or classroom of their own!

We’ll send you a DVD with the first 5 episodes to host a screening in your own local robotics, DIY, or school group. Watch an episode (or 5!) with your group and then roll up your sleeves and get down to building. We have detailed PDFs for the projects seen on Make:, just visit www.makezine.tv, or let the show inspire you to build a project of your own.

To host a screening event, email the MAKE: television Outreach Coordinator, Nick Watts, at maketelevision@makezine.com with a brief description of the event.


Watch the Flaming Lotus Girls construct amazing sculptures