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Auto parts chess set

Via Ecofriend:

Old and broken down auto parts are nothing more than trash for some, but for people like Armando Ramírez they are no less than treasure. The artist transforms these objects into sleek, black and silver chess sets. The horses, pawns and everything that you see on a chess set. To complete the chessboaround objects are rolled into a specially crafted die machine that transforms them. Armando uses everything from screws and bearings to a car’s electrical system.

We’ve got a massive DIY chess roundup here, and you can even make a chess board double as secret-agent storage.

12 thoughts on “Auto parts chess set

  1. I cant believe that someone will make something like this. I haven’t seen like this before but i saw some but not like auto parts. Yes you’re right there are some people think that old stuff like the one he made is just a trash. Old and broken down Auto parts + creativity = Auto parts chess sets.


  2. Hi,

    Great work guys, Auto parts chess set is really so good, really I liked this set, I will desire to buy this types set, otherwise I will try to make. I love this game, its really so nice game.

    Thanks guys.

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