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Benheck’s PC Mod Pick of the Day – Gameboy XP PC!

Ok, ok, I know some of you out there might be thinking “That mod isn’t very cool!” but hey – they fit an XP compatible computer inside of an original Gameboy case. That’s gotta be worth something! I found this interesting and thus am discussing it in today’s article.

Instead of a cartridge slot on this bad boy there’s a CompactFlash slot (which I guess technically is a cartridge) which the system boots Windows XP off of. (Rumor is a Vista version of this mod is in the works but they’ll have to buy a 15 gig CF card first to do exactly the same thing, slower)

The guts of the unit. I would assume they used one of those VIA miniature ITX boards.

End view of the unit. Apparently the buttons don’t actually function, but they light up to indicate drive status and what not. Too bad they didn’t cram in a little USB gamepad, oh well.

Actually this mod could use a lot of improvement but again, it took some balls to even get this far.

The sides of the unit contain the USB ports, so you can hook up your Game Gear and goto town.

-Ben Heckendorn

4 thoughts on “Benheck’s PC Mod Pick of the Day – Gameboy XP PC!

  1. Funny. My thought was it’s pretty cool, not that it isn’t cool.

    It’ll go in my pile of things I’d like to do except I wouldn’t know what I’d use the finished product for.

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