Tripod: a student entry from last year’s contest.

The EPA just announced its newest lifecycle building challenge:

Enter the third year of the Lifecycle Building Challenge competition, to shape the future of green building and facilitate local building materials reuse. Submit your innovative project, design, or idea for reducing to conserve construction and demolition materials and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by designing buildings for adaptability and disassembly.

Lifecycle building is designing buildings to facilitate disassembly and material reuse to minimize waste, energy consumption, and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Also known as design for disassembly and design for deconstruction, lifecycle building describes the idea of creating high-performance buildings today that are stocks of resources for the future.

There are awards for both full buildings and building products, and both students and professionals can submit entries (“professionals” built or unbuilt, students only unbuilt). More info here.

(via Treehugger)