Urban Studies – For Geeks, a Frat House and Lab, All in One – NYTimes.com… Great article on NYC Resistor!

Diana Eng is one of seven women in the collective. A former contestant on the television series “Project Runway,” she created a sweatshirt with a digital camera embedded in the hood that takes a picture when the wearer’s heart rate is elevated, creating snapshots of the day’s excitements.

“My designs were too nerdy for ‘Project Runway,’ ” Ms. Eng said with a giggle. “But here they fit right in.”

To help pay the rent, the collective offers classes for $25 each on topics from basic electronics to the art of laser-cutting Christmas decorations.

The group’s success has not gone unnoticed.

“Resistor blew the doors off the scene here,” said Eric Moore, a hacker from Bushwick who is forming his own group. “They’re the next generation of American hacking. The rest of us are just trying to catch up.”