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Triple bike sculpture


I’m really intrigued by this sculpture by James Angus called “Bicycles.” It’s as if the three bikes are being viewed in not-quite-working stereo vision. The construction is just incredible. Via VVORK.

8 thoughts on “Triple bike sculpture

  1. Start with the spokes and the chains and the bootom of the prop stand. Do they appear out of focus?? I think what they are trying to put over is that they are not out of focus, the bike is actually built as an artwork to look like that.

    (either that or the picture is out of focus)

    Happy New Year to you all from here in Sheffield

  2. I’ve figured it out, but it’s really hard to see on the smaller image; it’s easier if you look at the larger version on the artist’s site.

    Imagine if you had a 3d model of a bike and copied/pasted it twice but slightly offset each time so the models all overlap. That’s what really exists here. It’s as if three identical bikes experienced a freakish teleporter accident :)

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