Top 10 electronics part searches for 2008

Sam from Octopart sent along the top 10 electronics parts that were searched for in 2008!

 Images Pic H Hd Hd74Ls04P
Hitachi – HD74LS04P

Make Pt1548
Skyworks Solutions – SKY77340-13

 Jameco Products Prodimag 295726
Texas Instruments – SN74LS74AN

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Atmel – ATMEGA168-20PU

PanaVise – 201

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Sanyo – STK392-150

Make Pt1547
AVX – TAJA105K016R

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Hitachi – HD44780A00

 Images Pic N Ne Nec2501-1
NEC – 2501

 Support.Gateway.Com S Motherbd Intel M00264 M0026407
Intel® 82371EB (PIIX4E)

12 thoughts on “Top 10 electronics part searches for 2008

  1. Hitachi – HD74LS04P : Hex inverters. Common digital logic chip.

    Skyworks Solutions – SKY77340-13 : Power Amplifier Module for Quad-Band GSM / EDGE. Used in the Apple iPhone.

    Texas Instruments – SN74LS74AN : Dual D-Type positive edge-triggered flip-flops with preset and clear. Common digital logic chip.

    Atmel – ATMEGA168-20PU : 8-bit Microcontroller with 16K Bytes In-System Programmable Flash. Popular microcontroller, used in the Arduino.

    PanaVise – 201 : “Panavise Jr.” small bench-mountable vise for holding circuit boards etc. Popular with electronics hobbyists.

    Sanyo – STK392-150 : 3-Channel convergence correction circuit (current amplifier). This part is used to fix many rear view projection TVs.

    AVX – TAJA105K016R : 1.0uF, 16V tantalum capacitor, surface mount.

    Hitachi – HD44780A00 : Dot Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Controller/Driver. De facto industry standard LCD driver chip.

    NEC – 2501 : High isolation voltage single transistor type multi photocoupler. Used in power supplies, telephony equipment, and MIDI devices, among others.

    Intel® 82371EB (PIIX4E) : Southbridge (IO Controller) chip for Pentium processors. : “Octopart is a search engine for electronic parts.”

  2. Wonder what the tantalum cap is from, google doesn’t return any interesting results as to why it is a popular part.

    My guess would be like the Sanyo chip mentioned above, used for repairs on older equipment.

  3. Tantalum caps are really, really common. 1 uF is a common filter/decoupling cap size called out in datasheets of various parts, so it’s not hugely surprising to see it.

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