John is working on a one wheeled self-balancing skateboard project and he’s just posted a how-to!

After reading a Make magazine article on the self balancing unicycle of Trevor Blackwell I thought about trying to build a one wheeled skateboard style device. I then found a self balancing skateboard on the net built by Ben Smithers and decided I would definitely have a go at this.

The aim of this project is to build a skateboard type device just for fun, based on Segway self-balancing principles. Some skateboards of this type already have been built by others and links to most of the relevant webpages are listed.

It reminds me a little of the chain driven back-spinning “bouncing bomb” hanging below the Lancasters in the “Dambusters” raids.

It has turned out looking like a piece of “steampunk” technology, i.e. it looks like a cross between modern electronics and Victorian steam technology.

This is a work in progress…………