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Clean a toilet with Coke

I’m not sure what’s more disgusting, that a toilet can get as nasty as the one pictured, or that you can clean said toilet with the fluid you typically flush down your throat. According to wikiHow, you can just pour the tasty beverage over any stubborn stains or lime deposits, let it stew for a few hours, brush it, and flush it.

The carbonic, citric, and phosphoric acids in the Coke will break down stains. For extra cleaning power, let the Coke sit in the toilet overnight.


How to Clean a Toilet With Coke [via Lifehacker]

18 thoughts on “Clean a toilet with Coke

  1. Use hydrochloric acid instead. Better, faster and probably far more eco-friendly than coke. Works wonders against the dirt while making a nice smoke effect as you pour it down. Just don’t drink it like you do with coke. Don’t have any at home? You should! Oh, just plain citric acid works nearly as good (but you need more of it)

  2. There’s been alarmist talk about Coca-Cola since the 1940’s, a lot of people jump on the bandwagon simply because they’ve heard it so long. The fact is that Coke is the same or less acidic than pure, fresh squeezed orange juice. Sure, Coke is not exactly good for you in large quantities, but neither are most things.

    I want to see controls! Clean similarly-dirty toilets with Coke, orange juice, and water. My theory is that the main cleansing effect here was the toilet brush.

  3. The cleaning effect is caused by the acidity of the Coke. Any other acid will work just as well or better. Try vinegar, that really removes the dirt and accumulated calcium. Lemon juice is nice as it smells really clean.

  4. Phosphoric acid is used on dairy farms (not sure about organic) for cleaning out bulk tanks (milk storage tanks).

    It’s also a great rust-remover. Put a rusty bolt in a pan of coke for a day or two and see what happens.

    Some of the commercially available gas tank rust removal products are more or less just phosphoric acid.

  5. this is a nice prove of the fact that coke is a chemical weapon. in exchange I recommend self-cleaning stuff for toilets at

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