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Erica points out this vid on cat groomer Danielle German – Unhappy tossing all the hair leftover from a thorough longhaired feline shave, Danielle decided to try spinning the otherwise unwanted fur into a “silky yarn” fit for an owner’s purse. If that sounds like creep salad to you, consider some stylish pet hair apparel. Still no? – understandable, how about as a simple garden pest repellant?

Knitting with… Dog Hair? on CRAFT

4 thoughts on “Cat hair handbags? … yup.

  1. Not really, this has probably been around for a while.. but one of my cat’s hair (I only have two) has medium length hair and it’s so soft. I want to shave it all off and use it for crafts! Totally weird to think of your pets as “sheep” for shearing, I know.. but otherwise it gets on all of my stuff, my walls, furniture, clothes… This is probably a good waste-eliminator solution to pet (not just cat) hair. Stylish bags too.. they look felted.

  2. I remember reading a story or article long ago about a woman who had domestic wolfs or wolf hybrids. When they would shed there winter coats she got the idea to spin it into yarn and to knit sweaters. There was a small down side when dogs would catch scent of the sweaters they would react to them as though they were wolves. lol

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