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Every time I plug my G1 phone into my Mac to download photos, iPhoto shows me only the videos that are on the phone, and I have to manually drag the photos from the Finder to iPhoto. It’s only a minor annoyance,but fortunately the fix is very simple. If you navigate to your G1 in the Mac OS X Finder, you’ll see that the DCIM folder (the usual home of photos on a digital camera) is titled “dcim” (lowercase). I made it uppercase, unmounted and remounted it, and iPhoto popped up with a list of the photos on the phone, ready to import.

11 thoughts on “Get your T-Mobile G1 to show up correctly in iPhoto

  1. For some reason this does not work for me, with iPhoto 09.

    Could there be any more “magic” settings which prevent this from working?

  2. Joe,

    Thanks for reporting this; I haven’t tried iPhoto 09 yet, but when I finally upgrade, I’ll certainly look into whether this can be solved because it will drive me nuts otherwise.

    – Brian

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