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The Splatbot has 1 mission, and 1 mission only, hunt for objects and give them a good squirt! It’s fully autonomous and robot based on a Picaxe 28×1. I would expect an R/C version to be in toys stores in the near future.

This is the Bot08M’s big brother and he’s a bully! Navigating with Bot08M’s navigation code and tracking objects that come into range with 4 of my homemade IR obstacle detection sensors and modified tracking code.

More about the Splatbot

4 thoughts on “SplatBot: Autonomous robotic bully

  1. Haha, that’s great! I was waiting for the squirtbot to turn on its maker and get all “Pew! pew!” with the watergun.

    I honestly laughed the first time i saw it shoot that water gun. I imagined letting it out at a pool party or some other kind of outdoor event… *evil grin*

    1. @mlange

      Agreed! A pool party would be really fun! Don’t forget to check the other videos too. Thanks for the feedback.

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