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Grid Chair looks like a wireframe model

01_grid chair.jpg

Designer Jaebeom Jeong built this lovely chair with stainless steel, and walnut, yet it looks like the wireframe 3D NURBS model that you’d see in your design software. It’s not the concept, it’s the final product. I would love to get an entire dining set done in this style, so that people think we’re just trying to improve the framerate. I guess I’d have to hand out HUD visors at the door with the render stats.
via Yanko Design

4 thoughts on “Grid Chair looks like a wireframe model

  1. I see a future art project here. Design a home filled with wireframe furniture and hand out a hud or similar to render what you choose the furniture to look like over the wireframe.


  2. I like this. I’m not sure about the comfort of the hard, flat seat, and it could perhaps benefit from some anti-scratch feet (I know, it’s a design project, not a commercial product), but it’s a fun idea! Yet another reason to learn to weld one of these days.

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