How-to Tuesday: Maker’s Notebook & contest

This week I have 3 modifications of the Maker’s Notebook. I started out by adding a small pocket inside the book to keep a pen. Next, I added a snap closure to keep everything secure. Finally, I added a pocket to the back of the book for keeping acetate film to use as overlays for my sketches.


Since I did 3 mods to my Maker’s Notebook, I decided it would be cool to give away 3 Maker’s Notebooks. All you have to do is post your modified Maker’s Notebook in the MAKE Flickr photo pool and tag it “mymakersnotebook”. Next Tuesday I will ask everyone at Make to help me pick our favorite 3 modifications. The winners be announced next week and they will receive a new Maker’s Notebook to hack up all over again!

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Good luck, and I’ll see you next week with the results!

In the Maker Shed:

Pick up The Maker’s Notebook ($19.99) for all your big ideas, diagrams, patterns, etc. Exclusive to the Maker Shed: Sticker sheets and a band closure to customize your book.

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