Make: television Episode 2:
Maker Cris Benton takes spectacular aerial photographs by rigging remote-controlled cameras to high flying kites. In the Maker Workshop John Park builds a Burrito Blaster, which can propel a burrito 50 yards, and Mister Jalopy shows off his giant iPod. The Maker Channel features vegetable flutes, cool remote control robots, printer that makes designs on a cafe latte, and a stealthy technique to park anywhere for free! The HD version is available at Blip.

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24 thoughts on “MAKE: television Episode 2: Aerial Kite Photography & Burrito Blaster

  1. Great stuff. I find myself smiling throughout these episodes. I just get that feeling when watching someone create or explain something truly interesting and something they have a passion for. Feels like I’m watching Bill Nye again and the world is open. Maybe I forgot how engaging good entertainment can be.

  2. Hey, for those of us who can’t see your program on our local TV stations OR on the satellite stations we get, a big thanks for putting them up for us to see on-line.

    Quality TV IMHO

  3. How come episode 102 does not show up in the list of podcasts on the itunes music store? I know I can get it directly, but I would prefer to download it as a podcast in order keep all the episodes together in the same category in my itunes library.

    1. iTunes only lets us keep 30 podcasts at a time, so unfortunately the older episodes fall off. We’ll continue to podcast Make: television even after all 10 episodes have premiered. Thanks for your question!

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