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AVR Dragon unboxing images

You don’t expect unboxing pr0n on a program development board like this, but uC Hobby thought this board and box were different. The board itself even has a snazzy tat. I’m not familiar with the AVR Dragon. Is this treatment new? The board has labels silk-screened on both sides, too, which is nice.

AVR Dragon’s at uCHobby

8 thoughts on “AVR Dragon unboxing images

  1. …the board and box WERE different…

    …on both sideS…

    Also: there should be TWO spaces after periods.

    MAKE: is a /really/ big deal and should be properly edited, or at least proof read.

  2. “Also: there should be TWO spaces after periods.”

    That’s an old practice that went out with manual typewriters using mono spaced fonts.

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